BCPA Indoors 2020

21 February 2020 - 23 February 2020

We're back at the windy tube for another winter weekend of indoor skydiving!


The BCPA are heading back to Bodyflight Bedford for the BCPA Indoors 2020!

Don't be put off by the lack of planes, this event is awesome for everyone, whether you've never skydived or you've done hundreds! There's coached time available so you can prepare for the competitions, both super serious FS and FF and... less serious (who wants to play Twister in a wind tunnel?! Everyone!).

We'll also be doing groups of 8 way and Dynamic 6 as well as some group freefly fun. Please email us if you'd be interested in 3 way FS scrambles or Dynamic 4. 

Please ensure you are comfortable enough flying with people in tunnel before signing up to group coached time. If you're not sure, just drop us an email and we will be able to advise you. 

All flyers who are new to Bodyflight Bedford MUST have a First Time Flyers brief! Please make sure you select the option to indicate that you need a brief on the registration, otherwise you may be charged.

You need to have a brief even if you've flown at other wind tunnels.

The brief will be at 9AM Saturday, contact us for later briefs if needed.


The tunnel staff have kindly agreed to put some meal deals on for us for both nights, these will need to be preordered! 

Friday: Pizza, chips and a drink, £12.99

Saturday: Curry and a drink, £12.99 

On the Saturday night, there'll be another party in the downstairs cafe/bar area. Join us for party games, drinks and cheesy music! 


Item  Price
Registration  £6 - £16
Bulk Tunnel Time   £115
FS 4 way comp  £64
FF 2 way comp  £64
Tunnel Twister  £37
Dynamic 6  £53
8-way  £37
4-way Freefly Fun  £40


For the initial sale, time is restricted to 30 mins per individual / group. Please do not try to circumvent the purchase restrictions.

Other members of your team for coaching/competitions will need to register themselves to this event but they don't need to pay for the competition or bulk time products if you have already paid for them.

Flying starts 9am on both days.


There are a few rooms available in the on-site hotel on the ground floor. Please note that for health and safety reasons (as advised by staff), the number of people staying in each room cannot exceed the specified capacity. When booking a room through our site, only one person needs to buy it, but please specify the names of people staying in the room with you. 

Type Capacity

Number available

Price per room (for 2 nights)
 Twin room  2  2  £165
 Double room  2  2  £165
 Team room  4  2  £240 


The number of on-site rooms is very limited, and camping is not allowed. If you need other options, there are a few hotels in the area that could be an option for you. There are lots of options for alternative accommodation in the area, with many Travelodges and Premier Inns around - just have a look online! 

Hotels in the Area

Travelodge Bedford - 5.5 miles

Travelodge Bedford (Goldington Road) - 7.6 miles

Travelodge Bedford (Wyboston) - 11.6 miles

Premier Inn Bedford (Town Centre) - 5.6 miles

Premier Inn Bedford (Priory Marina) - 8 miles

Everything explained

FS Coaches and LO: Jack Bradford, Cara Pritchard, Hayley Jones, Stefan "Potter" 

FF Coaches: Tim Gaines and Greg Lucas from Omni99


Bulk Coaching Time - great for those who have never done any FS/FF, but also for those who would like to progress their skills in either discipline. If you have not done much FS/FF, we would recommend doing 1-1 coaching - so only you and the coach in tunnel. However, if you're comfortable flying on your own with the coach, it might be time to progress to group flying!

Dynamic 6 - Formation Skydiving in a group of 6 (5 flyers + coach), but not on one level - it incorporates vertical moves still on your belly (similar to "Blocks" in FS dive pools), but with 6 of you in tunnel. It's super fun. If you'd like to try it but think 6 people in tunnel is too crowded for you, register your interest for D4 - exactly the same but with 4 of you! 

8 Way Coaching - Formation Skydiving in a group of 8 (7 flyers + coach). Mostly on one level. Quite crowded, so you need to be able to stick to your point in tunnel - turns on point, not much drift while outfacing, etc. 

Tunnel Twister - This is great for anyone with any skill level. If you would like to try it but had never flown in tunnel before, we would recommend buying (at least) 10 minutes tunnel time with FS coaching. The idea is there are a few pages of coloured paper stuck around the tunnel walls, and there is someone just outside the tunnel on the other side of the glass wall holding out a piece of paper that says "Foot Red" - you fly to the red piece of paper and touch it with your foot. That's the idea anyway!

We usually have at least two categories for tunnel twister - junior and senior, and the level of each depends on experience of those who have entered in a given year, so you don't have to be worried about competing with people who have been in the sport much longer than you!

4-Way FS Competition - the usual thing - we pick a dive pool and every team completes it. Coaches score it. You win points. 

3-Way FS Scrambles - 3 rounds of different dives, each round completed with different people, everyone in the same dive gets the same points so it's team work, person with most points wins. 

2-Way FF Competition - the usual thing - we pick a dive pool and every team completes it. Coaches score it. You win points. 

4-Way FF Organising - group FF flying with a coach. Type of flying dependant on group's experience. 

Indoors 2020 Registration

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Bulk Tunnel Time (10min)

Max 30 min per person. Please select if you need coaching.

£115.00     Quantity

4 way FS competition

3 rounds of 1:40, 1 minute working time


2 way FF competition

3 rounds of 1:40, 1 minute working time


Tunnel Twister

2 rounds of 1:30, 1 minute working time


3 way FS scrambles

Register here if you'd be interested in 3 way FS scrambles competition. Logistics have not been worked out yet, but about £20 for 3 rounds of 1:40.


Dynamic 6

20 minutes of dynamic 6 coaching


8 way Coaching

20 minutes of 8 way coaching


4 way FF Fun

Organised 4 way FF group flying / coaching


Twinwoods Double Room - Friday and Saturday Nights


Twinwoods Twin Room - Friday and Saturday Nights


Twinwoods Team Room - Friday and Saturday Nights

(4 single beds)


Friday Dinner

Pizza, chips and a drink

£12.99     Quantity

Saturday Dinner

Curry and a drink

£12.99     Quantity

Dynamic 4



Results will be available once the competitions have been judged.